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Environmentally friendly Plastic nets and mesh offer many advantages over traditional materials because they are cost effective, allow visual inspection of the contents and create less waste by eliminating the need for expensive and unnecessary presentation packaging. In addition they are non-toxic, chemical resistant, rot-proof and in many situations, reusable.

TENAX TP protective sleeving provides a practical, efficient and cost effective solution to the problem of surface damage to components during storage and transit. The mesh is flexible enough to mould around irregular shaped items yet tough enough to withstand knocks and scratches.

TENAX TP nets are supplied in rolls, in a range of colour-coded sizes and are also available in cut pieces, heat sealed at one end if required.

Manufactured from polyethylene in tubular form with diameters from 5mm to 350mm, TENAX protective sleeving is resistant to acids and solvents and is unaffected by oils and grease making it ideal for protecting machined parts in an engineering environment.


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