Economy Combination Tools 

There are quite a number of different models to choose from in the marketplace at the moment. For ease we have chosen an economy model that has proved to be extremely reliable in operation, this machine is of Far Eastern construction and consists of a die cast base plate and arms. This machine should prove robust for most packing room situations but being die cast tends not to like being dropped from mezzanine floors of run over with fork trucks (you may laugh!! but it does happen). This particular model is only really suitable for standard seals, the throat is too narrow to accept a 32mm seal, primarily designed for use on light to medium loads, we do not recommend its use for palletising. It is not a problem for us to supply heavier duty versions of this tool, a sort of middle ground between this and the other machine featured, please ask the office and we would be happy to quote.

Priced at 71.40 ea or as part of one of our super deals.



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